If you want to market your elite products to the world, the “red carpet lady” is the only way to go. Nicole believes a brand is not a brand without pe...View Details

Are we going to be enslaved by Artificial Intelligence? Cameron believes we will and it’s going to be sooner than you think! He’s also worried that as...View Details

Do you need to change your work culture? Has the feel good factor evaporated? Do you know why? Meet Donna Tennant. She’s been labeled “hatchet woman” ...View Details

What is the transformation you offer? What values do you stand against? How have you gone about dispelling myths in your industry? Clarity and focus a...View Details

As the former Director of Music at Stonar School in the UK, Nick has always been best placed to encourage budding musicians. Playing the piano from th...View Details

Are you having trouble getting you product financed? Are you still trying to get it to market? Listen as Justin takes us on a journey, developing, mar...View Details

Who would have thought a finance and economics graduate would be the catalyst to making the best fruit wine in western Canada? Guarav is a third gener...View Details

Ever had the situation where your job prospects or the market for what you do disappears? Is it possible to be a massage therapist and at the same tim...View Details

Helder truly believes to spark innovation in your employees you have to provide 3 things. The right resources, the right habitat and the right culture...View Details

Wally has a passion for making things easy, interesting and engaging. After 32 years in the airline business he was shocked to discover that only 18% ...View Details

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