Karem Vélez believes that most people forget the words you say to them. However what they won’t forget is how you made them feel. Significantly when i...View Details

Beverlie Dietze is the real "Mary Poppins". Starting out as a nanny she progressed to becoming the youngest faculty member in the Ontario college syst...View Details

Jan Zlotnick, Guardian Angel of Brand and Ideas at the Exit Brand just blew me away with his warmth and humility. He believes the key to good relation...View Details

When you first meeting Remco Bergman you are driven nuts by trying to place his accent. You won’t get it, at least I didn’t. Being from The Hague in H...View Details

Ron Frantz decided to start Sculptural Spaces at the height of COVID-19. To say he is a risk taker is an understatement! His philosophy has always bee...View Details

I first met Jennifer Glatz from proCollab Consulting through our local networking group. To say I was impressed with her professionalism from the get ...View Details

In this episode we talk to Mario Lippoldt co-owner of DataCollect GmbH, a highways tech' company based in Germany. Originally from East Germany, he di...View Details

In this episode we talk to Laurie Rowe, owner and founder of Jordan Ridge Sauces. She retired from her stable job as a Police dispatcher to launch her...View Details

In this episode we talk to Ryan Stelzer, Co-founder of Strategy of Mind. He left the comfortable world of management consulting to change the way the ...View Details

In this episode we talk to Rob Langejans, Sales Coach and Emotional Intelligence advocate and owner of Always Strategic. He's helped countless sales t...View Details

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